Adventures in front-end code

Front-End Stumbles is a blog written by a self-taught front end dev to keep track of things learned and stumbled over and to avoid making the same mistakes a hundred times (looking at you, graphQL).

I really enjoy working with JAMstack tech and post a lot about it, especially GatsbyJS. 👍

Latest posts
Creating singleton pages with
27, October, 2019

What are singleton pages?Before we start, I should clarify what I mean by 'singleton pages'. If you're creating a blog you will want to make…...

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Gatsby and CMS Tutorial
22, October, 2019

A step-by-step tutorial on adding Sanity. io to your Gatsby site. This tutorial will require basic knowledge of Gatsby (and therefore React…...

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Netlify lambda functions and Gatsby tutorial
01, August, 2019

Serverless functions. .. Static websites don't have a dedicated back-end and server. That's the whole point. However, when you're developing a…...

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Gatsby and Snipcart ecommerce tutorial
10, July, 2019

How I made a speedy e-commerce site using Gatsby and Snipcart . I've been spending a lot of time playing around with Gatsby lately but one…...

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Add comments to a static Gatsby blog with Disqus
20, June, 2019

This is an easy one!Static websites have huge advantages but you can run into some issues when trying to sort out relatively simple tasks…...

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Creating client accounts for Netlify CMS with Netlify Identity
28, May, 2019

Providing client access to a Netlify CMS admin panel. If you've created a lovely website with Gatsby and Netlify CMS (maybe following my…...

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Using Gatsby Image with Netlify CMS
24, May, 2019

Why is nothing ever simple??Gatsby is awesome. Netlify CMS is good. But getting them to play nicely together can be a bumpy road. One of…...

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Gatsby and Netlify CMS Tutorial
21, May, 2019

A step-by-step tutorial on adding Netlify CMS to your Gatsby site. This tutorial will require basic knowledge of Gatsby (and therefore React…...

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An easy fix for gatsby caching issues.
17, May, 2019

I'm a massive fan of Gatsby. If you've not heard of it its a static site generator that uses React to make super fast sites. I really enjoy…...

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A super easy way to learn Git
16, May, 2019

When I first started out learning to code I decided that making my own projects as I went along would be a good way to ensure I could always…...

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